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The PostScript

The R&L newsletter comes packed with sketchy-but-effective advice, discounted classes, and tips for global domination for those who lack nuclear capability.  Knowledge is power, and the R&L newsletter is here to help you make sense of what the flock is going on.   …or at least make fun of it. Why Sign Up? Because keeping up…

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Sheep Thrills & Shear Entertainment From the government surveillance vans straight to your in-box! Reynolds and Lamb brings the world the comedy it doesn’t want but deserves. Check out our podcast, videos, classes, speaking engagements (pending parole officer approval), gluten-free podcasts, and all things too chic for fleek….

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About Reynolds & Lamb

Cait Reynolds USA Today Best-Selling Author Cait Reynolds initially began her career as an author as a condition of parole. That and because the court-ordered ankle monitor limited most ‘legitimate’ career choices. Cait originally aspired to be an on-line psychic, but googled job listings after a few too many martinis and spelled ‘psychic’ ‘psychotic’ by mistake. …

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