BFFs – Bad Friends Forever

Each season, Cait and Kristen will take on a sub-genre of horror movies and pick them apart more ruthlessly than a Texan with a chainsaw.

(Yes, Kristen is Texan and owns a chainsaw…and knows how to use it. That’s really no reason to be afraid…okay, yes it is. Feel free to panic any time.)

Summoning listeners starting March 14, 2019!

New episodes will release every Tuesday!

You know the deal. Listen wherever you get your podcasts…at least until we get banned or accidentally sucked into a hellmouth. *shrugs*

SEASON 1: Playlist

The Gold Standard?

The Exorcist

*Special premiere date!

Cops and Demons, Part 1

Deliver us from Evil

Cops and Demons, Part 2


Always Use a Salt Circle, Part 1

Paranormal Activity

Always Use a Salt Circle, Part 2

The Conjuring

Unreal Estate

Amityville (2005)


The Wailing

Demons for Non-WASPS

The Possession

This Foater

The Possession of Hannah Grace

When Home Movies Attack

Sinister 1

Let’s Trigger Kristen

Drag Me to Hell

Redefining ‘Problem Child’


Coming Full Salt-Circle

The Last Exorcism

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That’s not all! Coming soon, BFFs listeners can get EXCLUSIVE content on Patreon – mostly because Cait & Kristen kept coming up with movies they wanted to review. But there is so much more in store (literally) for Patreon members…watch for our announcement!